For Angelenos, the brisk, chilly evenings have definitely set in. The Fall season is well underway and its time to throw on the layers. Sweaters, jackets, long-sleeves, scarves, gloves, anything you might want to wear to keep your body warm. Here is one of Ferrvor Man’s go-to collections for Fall: Cerruti 1881 Paris.

Through the vision of Creative Director, Aldo Maria Camillo, the collection reflects the rough winters of the past reminiscent of military clothing.  The theme of “imperfect perfection” exhibits the union of plaid patterns, expanded collars, and long coats, complimented by leather interiors and removable fur-lined collars and hoods.

CERRUTI_1881_image 2

Cerruti 1881 Paris features large collars and buttons, along elongated, coats, reflect a flare reminiscent of the past.


CERRUTI_imaeg 4

Deep, fall tones on well-crafted suits, look sophisticated and sharp, creating a strong silhouette.

CERRUTI_image 5

CERRUTI_image 6

Distinctly bold separates can be easily paired to mix and match the quintessential outfit. Although winter clothing often comes with layering, the Cerruti 1881 Paris collection proves that layering a big coat can be executed with style. The Ferrvor Man on-the-go will stay warm and always stylish.  Think form and functionality without that extra bulk.

Cerruti 1881 Paris is ideal for the Ferrvor Man, always staying on top of the latest styles this fall, day and night!