At Ferrvor, we pride ourselves on finding and showcasing great talent with our many shoots and interviews. What makes it even more special is that every once in awhile you come across someone who sets a new standard of excellence. Gino Anthony Pesi is no exception. Born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Pesi learned at a young age that he had a love for sports and eventually philosophy and entertainment as an actor, producer, writer, and director. To pursue that desire, he attended Point Park University Conservatory of Performing Arts as a theater major with a concentration in acting.

Photographed by Nina Duncan

Written by Christian Burkholder

It is our pleasure to present to you our interview with Ferrvor man, Gino Anthony Pesi who currently stars in NBC’s hit series “Shades of Blue”. We hope everyone can read his words, as he’s a true inspiration and a very thoughtful gentleman to boot.

The Ferrvor Man is all about style, class, sophistication with a little edge. What Ferrvor Man quality do you feel you have?
That’s challenging for me to answer…I’m not a conformist.  I take risks, so there is certainly an edge there.  And I like to approach my creativity that way.  I like roles that challenge me.  In acting, if my choices don’t cost me something emotionally then I’ve learned nothing, I’m unsatisfied, and I feel like I’m cheating myself and the audience.  If I want to grow, if I want to affect people, it’s gotta cost me something.

Ferrvor shades of blue actor gino anthony pesi jennifer lopez

That says a lot about you and your dedication to your art. That’s inspiring. Can you share what you think it means to be a gentleman in today’s tumultuous, crazy world?
Well, one of the definitions of the adjective  “gentle” is kind, and I imagine that was probably the word’s original intention — to be a kind man.  Or a kind human. Kindness to oneself and kindness to others.  And I don’t mean being a pushover or a doormat or a pacifist.  To me, the kindest thing a person can give me is their truth and honesty.  Even when it’s tough to take.  So, I do my best to give that to others.  Sometimes the truth is hard to digest, but it’s imperative to growth.

I wholeheartedly agree. You are a hard working guy. Where do you go to unplug and recharge?
I don’t know…  maybe a pizza parlor.

On that subject then, if you had to cook something tasty for your cast, what would you cook and why?
I wouldn’t.  I like my cast too much to make them eat my cooking.  I’d call my mom because she’s the best cook I know.  She, literally, makes everything taste good and even puts her own little spin on the most traditional dishes.  So… Mom to the rescue.

Nice. Love my Mom’s cooking too, so have to agree. Do you binge watch anything and if yes, what shows?
Oh yes… Game of Thrones.  Homeland.  Billions.  Goliath.  Better Call Saul.  Stranger Things.  I watch a lot of shows.  Too many to name.  And most of them I binge on.  The only show I wait for every week is This Is Us.  And I’ll wait for Game of Thrones when it returns.

What’s your favorite kind of acting project?
To work on projects that I love, with people that I love, and make a living doing that.

Ferrvor shades of blue actor gino anthony pesi jennifer lopez

Can you describe Jennifer Lopez in a few words?
She’s a multi-talented storyteller, hardworking, intelligent, loving mother… and she’s still Jenny from the block.

What would be your go-to designer or style be?
Whatever my ass can fit into that day?  Honestly, I don’t know…  I’m not the most fashion conscious person.  While I can see the value in taking pride in one’s appearance, I’m more interested and focused on what’s happening internally.

What have you learned from your career in Hollywood thus far?
I discovered that I’m happier when I release attachments to results.  Release expectations.  Find the joy in the experience, not in the outcome.  I learned the only thing I have control over is my effort.  And most importantly… don’t get stuck west of the 405 between 3pm and 8pm.  If you do, you might as well hang out at the beach for 5 hours.

Ferrvor shades of blue actor gino anthony pesi jennifer lopez

What are some of your big milestones, accomplishments in your life?
I feel like life is school for the soul.  And it’s like this series of tests.  All these experiences I’m having are little tests that the universe is sending my way.  And there’s this feeling that happens, when I feel like I pass one.  Like, I got it right.  There’s a moment of internal acknowledgement.  And then boom, right on to the next test.  But every time I pass one it’s a milestone.  Feels like a home run.  That sweet spot.  Every time I act in accordance to my truth.  When I don’t do that, the universe makes me repeat it until I do.

If you could go back in time, what part of life would you turn to and why?
While I’m grateful for my past experiences – experiences that inform who I am today – going back doesn’t sound like my choice of direction.  I’ll aim to be present.  And move forward.

Thanks for the interview, that’s a wrap.