The year was 1969, a time of Peace and Love. And as far as motorcycles go, it was one of the most significant in history. This was the year the first “superbike” was born, starting with the Honda CB750. 


The term “superbike” isn’t just for just any ordinary motorcycle. In fact, the term is often misused. The Hond CB750 motorcycle was ’The’ universal Japanese bike. With its stylish body, superb comfort, and exceptional mobility, it was introduced into the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame, the UK National Motor Museum, and made an appearance at the 1998 Art Of The Motorcycle Exhibition at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in New York City and named in Discovery Channel’s, “Greatest Motorbikes Ever”.

clockwork 3

You can’t find many of these anymore, although you may find a copy or two, considering that the CB750’s 4-cylinder engine became the model and dominant blueprint at the time. Regardless, even with the engine layout found in other bikes, there’s nothing like feel of a custom made, remastered version made by Clockwork Motorcycles Twenty2.

Clockwork 2

They’ve meticulously remastered and modernized the CB750, giving it a fierce look with a black on black paint job from front to rear, fully modified powder coated frame, custom side cover, leather seats, a rebuilt upgraded 836cc engine, a digital Motogadget gauge and a keyless ignition.

So when you’re cruising down the road on your sweet remastered, 1978 Honda Twenty2, remember, you’re driving a peace of history.