Unconventional and somewhat ingenious, Club Monaco opens up it’s doors to a pop-up shop at one of the world’s most renowned restaurants, Noma.

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Praised as one of the top restaurants in the world, Chef Rene Redzepi’s Copenhangen-based, Noma, is now the temporary home to the Canadian-born brand. You might be wondering how or why one of the top restaurants in the world would join forces with Club Monaco. The answer is simple, in the words of Creative Director, Caroline Belhumeur, “Clothing and food are fundamentals of life. There is something incredibly special about wearing designs that are well made and tasting something fresh from the earth that evokes the sensation of comfort and understated luxury.”

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The CM at Noma concept store, will feature men’s and woman’s clothing, an assortment of goods, vintage books from New York’s Strand bookstore, woven art installations and handcrafted wooden yurts imported from Brooklyn. Visitors will also be able to enjoy the Koppi Kaffe coffee bar and wine at the shop.

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Make your way inside before Club Monaco closes up shop on March 13.