Equinox Commit To Something Money

Who says commitments are out of style? It’s surely not Equinox. The New York-based, luxury fitness company kicks off the new year with a do something campaign, “Commit to Something.” The provocative new campaign sporting chiseled, sexy bodies, is shot by renowned fashion photographer, Steven Klein, and captures powerful images of individuals expressing commitment in their everyday lives.

Story By: Amanda Del Mar
Images By: Equinox, Steven Klein

Equinox Commit to Something Champ

From an award winning champ, a fitness mom, the lover, and a money making bachelor, Equinox “Commit to Something” campaign is set to inspire those searching for a spark in their life.

Equinox Commit to Something Lovers

The campaign is an extreme twist from their usual campaigns of the past, and Chief Marketing Officer Carlos Becil calls the #EquinoxMadeMeDoIt hashtag, their most successful ever. He states, “”we really wanted to change the conversation and storyline a bit.” This is really a call for action, asking people to make a commitment. We don’t care what the commitment is, but we’re asking people to step up.”

Step up and make your commitment, whatever that may be.