Everyone might think being an actor is easy, but it takes time and talent to really shine and break through. Ask anyone who lives in Los Angeles or New York that shows up for the grind day in and day out. As Kevin Bacon once said, “If you’re an actor, even a successful one, you’re still waiting for the phone to ring.”

Corey Fogelmanis has broken that barrier and proven he has the grit and the talent to continue the special path as an actor, as an artist and an all around good guy with a big heart.

Written By: Christian Burkholder

Photographer: Kaleb Khu  
Stylist: Apuje Kalu
Styling Assistant: Brandon Gray

Grooming: Bianca Lopez

The 17 years old Fogelmanis is probably best known for his role as Farkle Minkus in Disney Channel’s Girl Meets World, but his career so far has landed him gigs as a guest star in an episode of I Didn’t Do It as Stevie Moops and most recently Max Doyle in R.L. Stine’s Mostly Ghostly: One Night in Doom House.

Ferrvor Magazine Corey Fogelmanis menswear Farkle Minkus in Disney Channel Girl Meets World

Sweater: Armani Exchange  Shirt + Pants: Moods of Norway  Shoes: Zara

After his dapper photoshoot with Ferrvor Photog and Creative Director Kaleb Khu, we got a chance to sit and had a chat about his life and dug in a little bit on what he was like as a kid and what makes him happy. He also generously signed and wrote his favorite quote for a future give away to one of his fans. More on that via our Instagram @ferrvormag

What was a younger Corey Fogelmanis like?
Baby Corey was Annie (the musical)’s number one fan. It was kind of like my whole life. I also wore my Spiderman costume to school every day. So yeah, I was pretty cool.

If not acting or singing, what is another dream job you might like to have?
Growing up, I was always very fond of my teachers, just in the sense that they were devoting their lives to educate others. I don’t know, I’ve just always had a lot of respect for people that do that. I don’t think I would necessarily call it my dream job, but I think teaching is something I could see myself doing. And I could see myself making a difference in the world by doing it.

If we get to spend a day with you on a day off what would we all be doing?
Honestly, it probably wouldn’t be very exciting. On my days off, I usually spend most of my time doing school. After school, it’s just a lot of Netflix or reading.

We notice that you love capturing images yourself with your classic Polaroid camera, Why photography for you?
There wasn’t a conscious decision when I thought: I want to be a photographer, or anything like that. I think it was more of just an interest in the different eras of technology and the exposure to cameras and things like that growing up. I was drawn to analog cameras and that’s why I generally shoot with Polaroid’s or the new Fujifilm cameras. But overall, the whole concept of photography and the difference between life through our eyes and life through a lens fascinates me and is what makes me so obsessed with it.

Ferrvor Magazine Corey Fogelmanis menswear Farkle Minkus in Disney Channel Girl Meets World

Coat: H&M  Shirt + Pants + Boots: Zara  Sunglasses: Ray-Ban

Any similar traits to your Girl Meets World’s character, Farkle Minkus?
The character has grown with me in most ways, and not just because we look the same. There were many traits that the character had in season one that were similar to mine in life that were both outgrown over time. In the show, he has been the voice of reason at times and has put others needs before his. I think I can sometimes take that role on in life as well.

Being from Generation Z, What is your definition of being a gentleman?
With the direction society is going with redefining gender stereotypes, I think the term gentleman doesn’t necessarily mean holding the door open for a girl, or a guy doing things for a girl. I think being a gentleman is much more open to interpretation that it used to be. But overall, I think being a gentleman means being polite and any act that falls under that category is considered an act of a gentleman.

With all the rise of superheroes, Superman, the Flash, Batman, Power Rangers. If you can have your very own super power what would it be and why?
This isn’t very creative but teleportation would be an extremely beneficial superpower. I would totally teleport to New York for an evening to see a show. Traveling for work would also be a lot faster.

Any favorite quotes that you get inspired by?
Sierra Boggess says a particular quote that I really enjoy hearing: “You are enough, you are so enough, it’s unbelievable how enough you are.” It’s sounds cheesy but it’s crazy how helpful that is to hear at times. I’ve noticed, especially being the in the public eye, that the world has a perception of you that it expects you to uphold in life – whether it’s in person or online. And that quote is nice reminder that you don’t need to try to be somebody you’re not or live up to others’ expectations. Being yourself is enough.

Ferrvor Magazine Corey Fogelmanis menswear Farkle Minkus in Disney Channel Girl Meets World

Suit: Topman Shirt: Sandro

Your definition of young Hollywood would be?
I think the public has a perception of young Hollywood life just based on the fact that we’re on TV, we walk carpets, and go to fancy parties and things like that. My definition of young Hollywood is young people that work hard, go to school, and do chores but just happen to be in the public eye.

If you can choose a role to portray, what would it be and who would you be pick as your co-star?
I would want to play a super demented person on screen. That would be a stretch from what I’ve been doing on Girl Meets World for the past three years so it’d be nice to switch it up and I would love to work with Tom Hanks.

Ferrvor Magazine Corey Fogelmanis menswear Farkle Minkus in Disney Channel Girl Meets World
Coat + Sweater + Shirt + Pants + Boots: Moods of Norway  Shoes: Adidas

Any celebrity crushes?
Cloris Leechman.

Where can we expect to see more of you in 2017?
The third season of Girl Meets World is airing into the new year. I’m also attached to a few features that are shooting next year.

Any last words for our readers and your fans?
Thanks for taking the time to read! I feel like most people don’t take the time to do that anymore so it means a lot. Haha.

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