With Halloween far back in our rear-view mirrors, holiday travel is just about to get underway and is now directly on our sites. And since you’re a fan of Ferrvor, we know you’ll be traveling with appropriate amounts of flair and of course class. Enter our favorite travel luggage company, Steamline Luggage.

Written by Jason Bowers
Image by Steamline Luggage

Hailing from Ireland and with offices in NYC, Steamline, clearly loves the adventurous spirit of travel and of course doing it in style. Their website even very casually features some of the company’s major players enjoying their own travels in places as far-flung and exotic to us U.S. natives as Zambia, Iceland, South Africa, Italy, and Botswana.

Black Friday Ferrvor holiday travel Steamline luggage

Similar to the experiences traveling gives you, Steamline seems to aim for their luggage to be an experience as well, featuring beautiful handcrafted pieces which offer equal parts form and function. It’s as if the vintage styles from the past sent a memo declaring, “We’re still very much here, but please make us easier to carry.” Steamline delivers.

Black Friday Ferrvor holiday travel Steamline luggage

Each of their cases is handcrafted and leather-bound with contemporary upgrades like wheels, handles, and locks. Steamline has paid a tremendous amount of time to detail, even including a nylon rain cover to protect the leather when you have to hand off your bag for stowage.

Black Friday Ferrvor holiday travel Steamline luggage

For starters, check out their new Jetsetter Collection here. Available in red (with nude or rich brown customizable straps) and blue (with black or bone straps), the pieces will have everyone wanting to know where you’re going next.

We can see where the stunning Entertainer Collection gets its name, the bags come in old Hollywood Art Deco black & white. They are beauties that, when you’re not trotting the globe, you’ll be able to use as well-displayed home storage (actually, you can do that with all of Steamline’s pieces, not just the Entertainer line).

Black Friday Ferrvor holiday travel Steamline luggage

And for those that have both travel and packing down to a science, check out the Reiss X Collection. It features just two (gorgeous) bags, a carryon and a stowaway in black or navy, and is so style-conscious that we wouldn’t be surprised if the designers at Steamline were avid readers of Ferrvor.

Check out these and the rest of Steamline’s offerings at www.steamlineluggage.com