British car maker, David Brown respectively pays homage to the 60’s with his creation of the Speedback GT, perfectly uniting modern engineering with classic artistry.

Ferrvor magazine speedback 9

The Speedback GT uses the best of British engineering to create a work of art encompassing classic craftsmanship with modern production. This car is vintage ’60’s in all of its glory. “Our challenge was to create a contemporary GT with the heart and soul of a classic” –Alan Mobberley, Head of Design.

Ferrvor Magazine Speedback GT4

This luxury GT is unlike any other. From first glance the sleek lines and taillights are jaw-dropping but it’s the intricate specs that will leave you in awe. This beauty has hidden features like a retractable picnic bench, pillarless roofline and plenty of luggage space. Some of its other features serve dual purposes: performance and style. These include the unique Speedback custom-made wire wheels and rear lamp cluster with LED lights. Founder and CEO, David Brown, and his collaborators wanted to create an entirely British vehicle as seen in components like the intricate details of the British elm and leather.

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Speedback GT is ideal for the Ferrvor Man who seeks simplistic, yet stylish vehicles. Its designers did not bother fussing with creating a sports car able to just drive at rapid speeds but rather paid close attention to crafting fine details in order to produce a car with the utmost style and comfort for driving long distances.

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Price £495,000 (exccl. VAT or local taxes)