Throughout the city, the hustle and bustle of men’s fashion is in full flourish. The mens’ collections started off strong as Topman and Craig Green opened up the fashion weekend. It’s an exciting time for everyone as we sit and witness each show.

Gordon Richardson and his team are taking us back to a 1970s UK Punk genre by infusing modernism for the Spring and Summer 2016 collection of Topman. It is within the collection where we have witnessed the two opposite points of the spectrum work along side each other perfectly. The neutral and pastel colors showed a lighter side of the collection with wide leg pants and strips. While the darker pieces showed patch work and studding with high waist pants and crop tops.

While on the other side of London in Bloomsburry Square at Victoria’s House, Craig Green created a modern collection which seemed to have martial art uniform inspiration. Each piece was beautifully layered and flowed like the smooth movements of a Karate kata. Every ensemble was monochromatic with colors taken from the sun, ocean, and earth in beautiful hues of yellow, red, and blue.

Soon after, Christopher Shannon took us by surprise as he reinvented the meaning of street style. Covered in foam, the models looked as if they stepped right out of the club and on the runway. Creating over sized silhouettes and dark tones mixed with luxury fabrics made for a unique collection. We continued to see Shannon’s signature graphic sweaters and an individual twist on hardware with zippers throughout the collection.

This has definitely been a strong start to London Collection: Men, with an array of talented designers. Their is no doubt that the rest of the weekend will have even more inspirational fashion for us. Every Ferrvor Man can take pieces from each collection and continue to push your own personal style. Christopher Shannon’s denim on denim trend can be transformed with any wardrobe, while the 70’s inspired trends shown by Topman could easily be an addition to every man’s closet.

Story By: Tony Madrid
Supplemental Images By: British Fashion Council