The weekend finally came to a halt at the highly anticipated London Collection: Men. Throughout the city, all ranks of fashions society were working hard to pull together countless shows. Celebrities and socialists gathered all around for the creative affair.

Lou Dalton was one of the first designers to open day 2. As we sit and wait in the wonderful Victoria House, the first model turns the corner to a summers resort dream. Geometric shapes and shear trench coats are the staple for this collection. Shades of light blues and orange cover each garment. It’s the simple reinvention of classic everyday pieces that makes this collection a standout.

Get ready for a new twist on modern men’s clothing. Matthew Miller showed just how far he could push edgy clothing while continuing to have a refined quality. Each piece was tailored to perfection, but still contained a raw element taking it to the next level. Tailored suiting and ready-to-wear balanced out the collection. Ankle pants and slim fitting tops all kept in a neural color scheme made the entire collection chic and bold.

Thomas Pink created a resort ready collection perfect for travel lover. In old Pink tradition, every piece of clothing was designed to perfection. The color pallet of pastels and neutrals create an ideal story of beach ready fun. Suits paired with shorts and light layers mixed well within Pink’s staple pieces.

House of Holland showcased their first men’s collection, and it stayed true to their British history. Full of fun prints and graphics, the collection used black as its background color for each ensemble. Every outfit looked as if it stepped out of a British party. It was the perfect mix of clashing colors and bold prints.


Story By: Tony Madrid
Supplemental Images By: British Fashion Council