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For those of you that love the sea and would like to explore it, we have the ultimate toy for your collection. Your own personal submarine, The Deepflight Dragon. Think Quadcopter, but in reverse and underwater, not spying on your other half.

Story By: Christian Burkholder
Images By: Deepflight

At 1.5Million dollars, this electric personal sub looks sort of like a Formula one race car with vertical thrusters, almost like a flying car but for underwater adventures.

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Created by Graham Hawkes who tells Gizmag that he was too late for aviation. “When I graduated in 1969, aviation had already taken off. If I was 60 years earlier, I could be building an airplane in my back yard with three wings instead of two, and go and fly faster than anybody else. Now, that’s done. Look at Concorde – that took a team of countries.”

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Hawkes has built submarines for everything from oil and gas exploration, deep-sea cinematography and for science. But they’re all highly specialized tools that would be dangerous in the hands of anything less than an expert.

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In fact this easy to control sub was almost created by accident. Hawkes was working on his first underwater devices – a torpedo design job for the British Royal Navy, but as he examined the field he thought “they’re still making submersibles with wooden skids… Wooden skids! This is where aviation was 60 years ago. I can make a difference here!” And out came The Deepflight Dragon.

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Combining a patented fixed buoyancy design, with state of the art technology. Deepflight makes underwater exploration safe, easy and fun.

For more info, check out the Deepflight here.