Anyone can look good in clothes, but what’s behind the clothes is what counts. You’ve been hitting the gym for weeks, getting stronger and faster. Your body feels like a well-tuned machine, but there are still some fine areas that you desperately want to sculpt. Is it the meal plan? Am I working out my muscles as efficiently as I think I am? Should I invest in a personal trainer? The Ferrvor Team got the inside scoop on the Skulpt Aim, a fitness device that has the answers to all your fitness related questions.

Skulpt 1

What Is It
The Skulpt Aim is a device that measures your body fat and evaluates the quality of each of your muscles, and allows you to see which of your muscles needs more attention during your workouts. It assures that you are surpassing the average muscle quality during your workout, because the higher the muscle quality, the more leaner and stronger your muscles become bringing you that much closer to the body that you desire and deserve.

Skulpt 2

How Does It Work
An electrical current is pushed throughout your body, which targets thousands of points and 24 different muscles in your system. Using it is simple, just spray water onto your Skulpt Aim, and place it on the desired location on your body so you can start measuring body fat and muscle quality. Whether the location is your biceps, triceps, chest or abs, the Skulpt Aim knows exactly what to do.

Functionality is easy as you keep track of your body’s fat and muscle quality with the Skulpt Aim App on your smart phone, making your fitness plan literally available in the palm of your hands. You’ll know for certain if your daily workouts are giving you maximized success and productivity by measuring your progress and advancements.

So forget about sloppy notepads or unreliable BMI pinchers because the Skulpt Aim is about 5x more accurate than smart scales and 4x more accurate than calipers. With a price point of under $200, you can get your hands on one these starting this summer.