The typical male archetype is strong, chiefly independent and occasionally quiet. Despite that, Wilson Pickett and the Blues Brothers touched on the core need of every man and woman with their song “Everybody Needs Somebody to Love.”

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Yet for the road weary traveler, or the oblivious guy without the slightest clue of Flirting 101, where do they turn to for some serious TLC from a PYT; as the reverent Michael Jackson would say?

The digital age we live in, is a double-edged sword; one even the most skilled and sultry sword swallower has trouble handling. Needless to say, technology is changing our lives in both a literal and figurative sense. Below are some examples of how it’s reshaping our innate primal sapien desires.

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The simplification of simply swiping, resulting in instantaneous connections based on mutual attraction has gone from a slight Tinder to a firestorm, with new apps like Pure and DOWN, now on the market. The difference between the Tinder and the latter are that, rather than wading through directionless small talk or unanswered conversations, the latter apps instantly connect your matches based on whether you want to go on a date, or something more loosely casual, with, say a winky face emoji.

Only in its early development stage and backed by Pornhub, with 2 million views on the youtube trailer; Wankband, a device wrapped around your wrist generates energy based off of movement in hopes to change how one powers electronics with their personal time.

Tenga, the makers of adult toys have recently developed a demo that corresponds with a robotic arm that reacts to virtual reality (sex) programming. Teaming up with Oculus Rift, once the user puts on the headset, and activates the program it transports the user to another place – with another girl. Keep your pants on though; this is still in development.

And for those still lonely and in need of some self love – and evidently there are lots of you out there, thanks to massive support on Indiegogo, Brian Sloan and his team can now proudly offer you Autoblow2. As you can probably imagine, the machine does exactly as the name suggests. Though not necessarily a household name appliance yet, plug this machine into an outlet, and immediately one can get the same gratification as John Travolta did in the car scene of the cult classic Carrie.

Story By: Christopher Ho
Images/Media By: Pure, Pornhub, Hayato Ikeya, The Autoblow 2