dji osmo camera

DJI has come up with some of the coolest tech and camera gadgets we’ve come across. Last year we helped break the news of the DJI inspire 1, a futuristic, remote controlled drone, that allows operators to capture 360-degrees of high quality imagery. This time around they’ve created a handheld device that has caught our attention yet again.
dji osmo camera 1

If you’re looking for a handheld option that stabilizes your images and gets rid of shaky frames and videos, the DJI Osmo Camera is just what you need. The X3 Camera is perfect for capturing close distance imagery and features 4K and HD abilities along with a 94 degree field of view lens. And face it, not everyone has a steady hand, but with the Osmo Camera allows you to capture master the panning motion.

The DJI Osmo Camera is changing the game and allowing camera users to capture quality content without the use of bulky equipment or having a whole crew on deck. For $649, you can get your hands on one of these devices. For more details go to DJI.com.