The accomplished and respected, South African bicycle frame builder, Duncan MacIntyre, and composite specialist, Anton Dekker, have collaborated to create The Vicious Cycle, which might just be your new workout alternative to the gym.

Vicious 1

Sometimes you need to change up your workout routine and there’s nothing like feeling fresh air as you pedal yourself down the road. With over 40 years of bicycle frame building experience from MacIntyre, and Dekker’s professional experience working with Porsche, Lamborghini and Ferrari, the duo has created 10 exclusive hand-crafted bicycles. All models include MacIntyre frames, Dekker Tri-spoke wheels and other select contemporary components. Tri-­spoke wheels, custom crafted with 4 layer honeycomb carbon fiber composite, offer the highest performance possible to accompany those Dutchman rims.


The Vicious Cycle features the frame designed for competitive use, which was originally made for SA Track Cyclist Malcolm Cochrane and used once more in the mid-1980s by SA Olympic Contender, Timothy Abbot. The hand-brazed frame is made from Reynolds 653 and Columbus steel tubing, which is famous for it’s flexibility and strength-to-weight ratio, creating a comfortable and controlled ride. Black lacquered details with copper touches, make for a aesthetically beautiful looking bike.

With only a limited number of these hand-crafted bikes on hand, you’ll want to hurry if you’re going to be one of the lucky 10 to have one these in your collection.