Every great tradition starts with strong customs and a belief in what they stand for. When it comes to Ellesse, you generally think of classic Tennis wear, which has been the back bone of the brand.

Ellesse 3
Their new 2015 Spring/ Summer Collection is a fresh reminder of their classic tennis shoe molded with a modern touch. The brand was founded in 1959 and has since then held a strong force within the shoe community. The collection was designed to assist players on the tennis court, and has since made a huge impact within the game and it’s players. But the newest collection isn’t just for the courts, it’s also the perfect shoe for any occasion. They pair great with a suit to change the pace a bit, or even a classic, denim look.

It’s fundamental design that has held Ellesse strong for so many years. But even in simplicity there has been plenty of thought behind every decision the brand makes, which has given them their unique appeal.