Founded in 2008, in Brooklyn, New York, Epaulet is a men’s clothing brand and boutique that makes trousers, woven shirts, jeans, jackets and sneakers in the U.S.You’ll find unique collaborations with various brands like Alden, Thedi Leathers, Golden Bear, Vanson, Carmina, Vass, American Trench, Staple Design and many more.

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Today we’re focusing on the Epaulet Tennis Trainer, which is a modern day re-interpretation of the leather tennis shoes of the 1960s, complete with a minimal look, yet upgraded with all of the materials the offer a truly high-end shoe. Hand-made in Portugal using full-grain leather from Italy’s esteemed Gruppo Mastrotto tannery, the leather has a soft finish and sleek profile, low toe box, and perfectly rounded toe cap.

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Paired with the Italian-made Margom rubber sole and cemented internally and reinforced with 360° stitching, these Epaulet sneakers provide great traction and a cushioned ride, with your choice of White, Blue-Grey and Black.

If you’re not in NYC at one of the two Epaulet locations in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn or on Orchard St. in the Lower East Side of Manhattan, you can order online.