As Ralph Emmerson once said “Life is a journey, not a destination.” It was exactly that sentiment for Ernest Alexander when finding the inspiration for his latest collection. After staying at an upstate New York rental cabin belonging to a local artisan who worked there as a pottery maker and craftsman, is where the designer first began to get a vision of what would eventually become his Ernest Alexander Fall/Winter Collection 2015.

By observing the sculptured pieces and photographs inspired by the southwest and Aztec traditions spread throughout the cabin his initial creative spark came to life. He chose the protagonist of this collection as “a romantic, wandering traveler interested in the world around him and intent on preserving what he saw by interpreting it in his own dress and art.”


The color palette for his collection is more inspiration from the Aztec pieces and surrounding nature of his upstate New York cabin. Shades including olive , burgundy, moss green, gray and earthly brown tones are the foundation of the collection.


Adding to the color is the impeccable ombre pattern concept reflecting the fall foliage surrounding him.


The presentation itself is the exquisite unison between form and function coupled with beautiful layerings and a slim fit, keeping the signature style we’ve come to expect from Ernest Alexander.