Within recent years and months the world has been exposed to the latest in virtual reality devices like Oculus Rift, the Feel Real VR Mask, and the Nirvana Helmet. While much more advanced then their predecessor’s of the 90s the capabilities of these  simulated virtual worlds, still have a ways to go before they entirely change our perspective on reality.

That said we may have found an up and coming contender. Introducing the Nokia OZO VR Camera. At first you see nothing but a sphere with cameras. But as you dig deeper, it becomes a platform where both cameras and creativity will surface.

The camera’s vary in colors, ranging from black, to a ‘cloud’ nature and shade. Though not all the information is disclosed to the public, we’re assuming that the different color schemes will be best for certain situational purposes.


Now, what’s the purpose of a ball with cameras built all around it? First, there’s video filmed from every angle, which opens up the opportunity to create a 3D view. With these multiple viewpoints deriving from one camera, Nokia plans to use this footage to create real virtual reality.


That was 3D footage of reality that was filmed by this sphere. Now, imagine yourself with a virtual reality helmet that can instantly take you to the jungles of Africa, or to the concrete jungle of New York, and nearly any location on the map you can think of. Pretty cool.


It’s innovate to say the least. Now, thanks to the Ozo the way we experience movies or video games may soon become a reality that was unattainable just a few years ago.


For videographers, Nokia is getting the ball rolling with a competition. Create five concepts for a short film, and if selected, you can get your own OZO VR Camera.

It will be interesting to see exactly what the combination of this camera and a virtual reality helmet can do.


Story By: Nico Triunfante

Images and Media By: Nokia