Jet setting around the world, isn’t new to Ferrvor men, so when you need to be half way around the world, from one continent to the next in the quickest possible way, we know exactly what you need. The Falcon 8X. The world’s most efficient jet to date.Since the release of the Falcon 50, which revolutionized the jet setting world, the Falcon has transformed over the years into the most-elite and exclusive, executive jet on the market for it’s high-transonic design and low fuel costs. In the words of Dassault, “The difference between flying a Falcon and another business jet is like the difference between driving a sports car and an SUV.”

Falcon 8X

Dassault has taken the evolution of the classic model and redesigned it into the Falcon 8X. What makes the Falcon 8X series so special? The new control designs provide an unparalleled flight control not unlike a fighter-jet, providing optimal performance and efficiency even through the strongest wind currents.

Steep angles, quick climbs and hot temps are no challenge for the Falcon 8X. This jet is designed to tackle these conditions with ease with three very efficient and yet very powerful PW307D engines give it supreme thrust, while using 30% lower fuel consumption. This makes the Falcon 8X one of speediest and most fuel-efficient jets in the world.

Falcon 8X

The innovative, interactive, an redesigned EASy flight deck cockpit system, gives pilots enhanced vision and safety awareness, even in the most challenging visible conditions. This new system includes a Honeywell 3D color weather radar system that recognizes turbulence in advance, giving plenty of warning for maneuvering around it. The Falcon 8X is also the only ultra-long-range business jet allowed to use London City’s runway. Think of it as a red carpet entrance into the UK. The jet can also go the distance, with nonstop flights from London to Dubai and or New York, or you can fly nonstop from Eagle, Colorado to Geneva, Switzerland.

Falcon 8X

The luxuries inside the Falcon 8X will astound even the most pampered passengers. The plane comes with the FalconCabin HD+ cabin management system allows for digital control and communication at all times. There’s no shortage of aesthetic comfort with your choice of over 30 possible cabin layouts. The cabin itself contains a generous amount of room for any number of activities including business meetings, couples massage, or a nap. And of course afterwards, you can take a relaxing shower in the laboratory which comes with all the amenities you’d want in an airplane, including a shower.

Business travel never felt more pleasurable and comfortable. Are you ready to take flight on the Falcon 8X? I know we are.