Fall has officially arrived and with it the suitable necessities for the Ferrvor Man on the go.

Amongst the endless shoes options and countless styles of bags and backpacks that came across our desk, we mix and matched and created the ideal combination for the Ultimate Ferrvor Man. We’ve found a match made in heaven, pairing together both Moods of Norway’s wingtip brogue shoes and Band of Players “Dandy” bag.

Band of Players backpack Ferrvor

The shoe, featuring a wingtip brogue and perforated trim details is quintessential for any fall look. The tanned leather shoe makes for an awesome addition to any mans wardrobe as well as a staple for the coming seasons. The Korean native backpack, a charcoal gray canvas material with a touch of black leather is the optimal size and style. The tan leather of the shoes contrasts against the dark fabric of the backpack creating a perfect balance of color. Even better than the contrast, is the exact matching of the wingtip brogues and the handle on the bag! Tan leather never looked so good.
moods of norway shoes Ferrvor





Story By: Elisa Veloz
Images By: BandofPlayers.us and MoodsofNorway.com