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Axel Arigato is one of the brands that you may have heard of but have not quite seen. That’s all about to change because with only a year under their belt, the Swedish brand, has already caught the attention of big names such as Kendrick Lamar, Neil Patrick Harris, Peter Bryant and Quincy Brown, among others.

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Here at Ferrvor, we got a chance to sit down with Creative Director, Max Svardh, and get the inside scoop on this season’s influences, his inspirations and everything in between.

Since we last spoke your style has further blossomed into an iconic collection. What was your muse for this year’s collection?

I respond to what I see around me. I talk alot to different people and build up a whole story from their experiences. Ultimately I try to find a way to translate that story into my designs. Also, this season was like a tipping point for me. I could really focus on what I like and polish what I do. I think this is visible in the latest collection which has a certain lightness to it.

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Who is a mentor that you’ve looked up to over the years?

I can’t say I’ve had a mentor but I do have a pile of people that inspire me. For example, Virgil Abloh is one designer who’s aesthetic im very much into. I feel like he gives streetwear credability and Off White is truly a progressive reflection of our culture today.

Who has surprised you the most to know that they’ve caught an interest in your work?

A lot of artists in the music industry have become fans of our shoes like Kendrick Lamar.

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What’s something that you enjoy doing outside of the fashion world?
Both art and architechture has always been a passion of mine and it allows me to express myself in other ways then designing shoes. Not a day goes by without me looking at art or trying to find new pieces that could inspire my work. I really enjoy finding things I’ve never known about.

What type of shoe would we find on Max Svärdh on a lounge-around type day?

My everyday shoe is a pair of all black leather or suede low sneaker. Goes well with whatever you have on and works for every occasion.

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Outside of footwear, where else would you like to expand your brand?

We will soon release our first men’s bag collections followed by a womens collection later this spring. We have some other projects lined up that I’m really excited about, but we are taking it step by step.

As an artist, what gets the ball rolling for you when you’re stuck?

Music usually works. But also, I work on a bunch of projects at the same time. If I get stuck I just move on to the next one. I never really have to sit at my desk and go “What should I do now?” Ultimately, I think the key is to never overthink it.

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Who is someone you’d like to work with for future collaborations?
We find collaborations some what tricky since there is a lot of aspects to consider. I would love to work with someone I really admire and can learn from. To be frank, I feel like the whole experience is much more interesting and important to me than the end result.

Where do you see your brand Axel Arigato in the years to come?
We have always said that we wish to offer a brand that is a juxtaposition between two different lifestyles, one that is very much street and one that is more high-fashion. Other than that, I can’t say that we have a master plan. Everyday we’re developing the brand, focusing on improving ourselves and create better pieces. We are constantly under construction. But I believe it’s going the right way.

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What’s some advice you can give to future fashion designers?
That’s a tricky one since I have no formal training in fashion myself. So for me it’s been a learning process through trial and error. But I feel like as long as you keep doing what you enjoy doing and stay focused, you get somewhere in the end.

The Axel Arigato Fall Winter Collection is available now. Which of their seasonal looks will you be wearing?

Story By: Amanda Del Mar
Images By: Axel Arigato