For automobile aficionados worldwide, The Ferrari FXX-K, delivers a walloping 1050 HP, most of which (860HP) is provided by the V12 ICE and 190 HP by the electric motor with a maximum torque of 900 Nm.

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Incorporating a variety of innovative technology breakthroughs, the FXX K is Ferrari’s research and development program focused around a laboratory car based on Maranello’s first hybrid. The K stands for KERS kinetic energy recovery system to maximize performance on the track.

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The vehicle’s dynamics are something of the future. Applying interesting new balancing concepts and downforce generation introduced and developed in the GT category of the WEC, which Ferrari triumphed for three consecutive years, the FXX K achieves a downforce of 540 kg at 200 km/h.

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Pirelli tires with sensors that monitor temperature and pressure, longitudinal, lateral and radial acceleration giving the driver an accurate analysis of the interaction between the tire and surface guaranteeing ultimate performance.

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This fierce, yet devilish beauty was developed to be completely uncompromising, incorporating innovations that all but guarantee a driving experience that is unapologetic, uncompromising and truly out of this world.