We mentioned a few weeks ago that we were going to feature our first female in Ferrvor magazine and we aim to please. Thanks to some sexy hotel shots with Creative Director and Photographer, Kaleb Khu at the stunning Chamberlain Hotel in West Hollywood, along with a video and an interview about what gets her going, Audrina Patridge is front and center and ready to take over the world.

Photographer: Kaleb Khu
Written By: Christian Burkholder
Stylist: Apuje Kalu
Hair Stylist: Monica Reyes
Make Up Artist: Katrina Heidbreder
Videographer: Mary-Kate Fitzpatrick & Allan Penales

Set Coordinator: Jasmine Sabagquit

If you’re aren’t sure who Audrina Patridge is, check your memory bank and local listings. She is a multi-facted actress, model, host and television personality who’s been featured in a number of shows  including MTV’s, The Hills, Dancing with the Stars and on the silver screen with Films – Into the Blue 2, The Reef, Sorority Row and host of NBC’s late night travel show, 1st Look. She’s also as we found out, mostly a sweet California girl, with vibrant energy, ready to take over the world.

Audrina 2

Top: House of CB, Necklace: Curated

Check out photos and video below and read our interview with her to find out how she keeps herself in check, (if blonde’s really do it better then brunette’s) and inside access to her dating check-list.

You’re our first female in our men’s magazine, welcome to the club.  We’re happy that you’re our first. 

Thank you.

You were voted #16 on FHM’s 100 Sexiest Women Poll 2010. That’s pretty cool. On that note, what do you do that inspires you that may inspire other women looking to act or model? 

I love immersing myself into other cultures- everything from their beauty routine to the foods they eat and their ways of life. I also am a huge fan of Rick Warren. When I’m not in town to attend, I watch his sermons on the app. It really keeps my priorities straight and morals in check!

We’re all about inspiration and motivation here at Ferrvor, so more power to you. Speaking of inspiration, do you have a muse and if so who is it?

My muse would have to be my niece Sadie!  She is so beautiful, smart. and is so stylish.  Her outlook on certain things inspires me and makes me think differently…  I love to dress her up and take her shopping with me every chance I get.

Audrina 3

Left || Swimsuit: Forever Unique, Frames: Dior, Necklace: Artelier by Cristina Ramella, Shoes: Alexandra G.
Right || Swimsuit: Forever Unique

If you can leave a message to the Audrina of 10 years ago, what would it be?  

I would say don’t be so trusting of people and to say  “no” a lot more. Don’t give into pressure.

Whimsical question, but if you have to compare yourself to a city, which would it be and why?  

It would have to be a city that’s laid back and beachy. It must have great food and live music, kind of hippyish but still near a big city. I would say San Diego or Manhattan beach. That’s tough!

I hear you. That question tends to elicit an interesting response and actually says lot about someone’s personality. 

Everyone knows dating is key when you’re trying to get to know someone on a more personal level, can you share with us a dream date situation?

Hmm… I love live music and dancing on the beach, good food and romance sooo maybe a surprise trip with two or more of those elements. Surprise me!:)

That sort of brings up a bucket list of sorts, if you were to perhaps share a few of those experiences with someone, what are a couple top two or three choices on your bucket list?

I have conquered many of those already with being the host of “1st look”…. But I love diving into history so I definitely want to go to Israel, and see the pyramids in Egypt. I also would love to visit Greece…. I think a Euro trip awaits!

What’s your go to designers when you want to feel sexy?

La perla!! What you wear under your clothes always makes you feel sexy!! I love Balmain, Zimmerman, Versace, and anything that’s sexy boho or 70s glam style with some killer heels.


Dress: Galia Lahav, Shoes: Dolce Vita, Necklace: Haati Chai

Ok, so have to ask, do Blondes really have more fun than Brunettes?

That’s hard to say haha I feel like I have been every shade of brunette and blonde… it all comes down to the person! I have fun no matter what I’m doing, but being bright blonde you attract a different kind of attention that’s for sure!

Yes, it does. Speaking of, how would you define sexy factor in women?

Confidence, being comfortable in your skin.. Also kindness.  I feel a lot of woman are jealous or want what you have, and those are usually the ones that are the most insecure.

Ok, our turn, how would you define the sexy in a man?

A man that exudes confidence without the arrogance… A man that has morals and is respectful, has self-control and is loyal.

Gents, there you go, keep yourself in check and be confident.  All relationships have their ups and downs, good, bad and challenges, Can you name something that is an absolute must for you in a relationship?

Loyalty! Communication and compromising.

So simple, but so powerful. Ok, what’s the worst, cheesiest one liner pickup line you ever encountered?

If you were a door I’d slam you all day.

Ouch! Lol, someone said that…wow. Since we’re on the subject, what body part of a man do you find the most attractive?  

I’m a sucker for defined arms… Corey has amazing arms and calves, I also like a muscular back and of course eyes. A guy that takes care of himself inside and out is a keeper!

Thanks for the tips. Love to know what you don’t like. Any pet peeves you care to share with us?

When people chew with their mouths open or pick their nails/toe nails.  It drives me so crazy I have to walk away!

Audrina 1

Left || Swimsuit: Forever Unique, Shoes: L.A.M.B.
Right || Frames: Dior, Necklace: Artelier by Cristina Ramella

We can’t disagree with you on that. What would be the most embarrassing moment that you have ever encountered?

I honestly don’t get embarrassed very easily. I usually laugh at myself. But there have been a few encounters like spilling my drink all over my clothes at the airport or slipping on my butt in front of everyone walking out of club.

What’s the next phase and or endeavor that Audrina Partridge is headed towards?  

I’m always into something new and up coming:)  As of right now I am still hosting NBC’s “1st Look,”  aside from that have been working on redesigning my website and turning it back into a blog. And I also have a passion project I have been working on in between filming.


Shirt: Six Crisp Days, Shorts: Endless Rose, Earrings: ZADA, Shoes: Fortress of Inca

If we were to spend a day with you on your day off, what would it be like?  

My days off are spent playing catch up. Bills, laundry, cleaning my house, meetings, appointments. and then spending time with my family, boyfriend and friends. I like to relax and do absolutely nothing before I’m back in the air and traveling.

Cool, thanks for answering and being a great first female subject. As you probably know we do a few weekly music segments on Ferrvor, so before we let you go, can you let us know what are you top 3 musical artists right now?

Cold War Kids, The Black Keyes and Robin Schulz

We have all three in our player for sure. Thanks again Audrina!


To compliment the feature, we’ve included a link to the behind the scenes video with extra footage so you can get to know Audrina a little better. View the video here.