Ferrvor kicks off, “Ferrvor Affairs”, a video interview series showcasing various artists, designers, bloggers, photographers and others embedded in and around the fashion space. We kicked off the Ferrvor series with native Angeleno and fashion blogger, Tommy Lei. He has dubbed himself and self-coined the term a ’Styleteller”, who according to him (and we don’t disagree) is someone who produces immersive experiences and visual dialogue about high fashion and lifestyle from one to another.

The Ferrvor team recently got a chance to sit down with Mr. Tommy Lei for a day on set at Ferrvor’s Los Angeles Headquarters and asked him a few questions to gain some insights on what drives his fashion senses and inspires him to get up and do what he loves everyday and of course tell us what he thinks of Ferrvor.

As a styleteller who originally saw blogging as a creative outlet to document his material belongings and fashion sense, Tommy has fastly grown his brand along with his Instagram MYBELONGING, which is a fresh and exciting fashion outlet, with very dedicated followers, showcasing his passion and appreciation for “finer, more minimal details and things in life.”

Sole searching, hotel hopping, international travel, private dining and curated experiences are all infused in Mr. Lei’s lifestyle as you can see on his recent trip to New York Fashion Week as  documented on his social media outlets.