Ok, so you can’t decide which Wine pairs best with Turkey dinner and you’re not quite sure what to wear on the big day. Fear not, Ferrvor Man, we have you covered, so you can reflect on what to be thankful for and have a good time with your family and friends.

Keeping your look clean and simple, there are a few ways to make an outfit work. Pair these Oxblood Reiss cotton trousers, a white Gant Rocker shirt, layered with a Neil Barrett sweater and for the final touch to top it off put with a pair of Lanvin Black Derby shoes.

Ferrvor Essentials_Thanksgiving Outfits_sup

Neil Barrett Sweater
Gant Rugger Button Down Shirt
Reiss Trousers  
Lanvin Derby Shoes

This Ferrvor styled Thanksgiving outfit will surely catch the eye of your relatives and loved ones and still allow you to enjoy that extra helping, or two, of your holiday meal.

Supplementary Images via: Neil Barrett,  Gant Rugger, Reiss, Lanvin