Ferrvor sat down with Gregory Davalos aka Downtown Dava to get the exclusive look into life as a fashion blogger.

The day to day of the typical Angeleno is crazy in itself, not to mention the notorious LA traffic. Whether your beachside in Santa Monica, up north in Hollywood or central in Downtown, it’s a mess, but it’s also a necessary beast that we’ve learned to handle through meditation and practice. So, if your life is all about fashion, being on-the-go and staying on top of what’s fresh and what’s in the ‘now,’ staying out of that traffic and in the studio is your goal.

 Photographer: Kaleb Khu

Set Coordinator: Jasmine Sabagquit

It’s a bright Sunday morning in the hills of Los Angeles, and the Ferrvor team is setting up shop for another day on set. Gregory Davalos decided to stop by and say hello. He’s the man of the day, a stylist, fashionisto, photographer, artist and talent. This Ferrvor Man wears many hats.


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Polo: Original Penguin Pants: Prada Shoes: Florsheim Watch: MSTR Bracelet: Cartier; Cap and T-Shirt: Gents  Blazer: Ted Baker  Watch: MSTR  Bracelet: Cartier


We had a chance to spend a day with him at his photoshoot for Ferrvor, and got to know the man behind Downtown Dava, a little bit better.

What was your first giant step to becoming a fashion blogger?

Growing up in the age of technology, its been a really natural progression. When i was 15 I had a live journal account that depicted my day to day life and had images attached to tell the story. I just recently read through my old posts and realized I was feeling a lot of feelings in high school.

What is your go-to outfit for the spring, summer?

Having grown up in LA, I feel like i’ve spent my entire life dressing for spring/summer.  My go to outfit will always be black t shirt, black jeans and white sneakers. The culture in Los Angeles is so laid back, that my closet staples always consist of solid basics.

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Coat, Shirt, Pants: Ted Baker Shoes: Tretorn Watch: MSTR Bracelet: Cartier Camera: Samsung


As a blogger, what equipment (if any) do you carry with you to capture your daily inspiration?

It really depends on what the day holds. Typically, I use my NX1 for day to day shooting. If i’m going to an event or need to shoot something on the fly i’ll usually use the Samsung NX3000 because it’s more compact but still packs a punch. Both cameras deliver high quality images and have wifi capabilities that allows the user to send photos straight from the camera to phone, which is key.

What is your favorite part about living in Los Angeles, a diverse city full of culture and music?

There’s so many things I love about Los Angeles, it’s hard to pinpoint my favorite thing. I think LA is best interpreted as a collection of small towns, each with it’s own distinct vibe and character. It’s a melting pot of cultures and traditions. It’s the only place in the world where being late because of traffic is a viable excuse. The sun is always shining and people are generally always happy here. It’s the city where they say dreams come true!


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Blazer, Polo, Pants: Ted Baker Shoes: Florsheim Watch: MSTR Bracelet: Cartier


What overall direction do you think men’s fashion is heading?

In general, I think men’s fashion is at a really exciting place. It’s becoming more and more socially acceptable for guys to express themselves and take with their personal style. Now that fast fashion is so accessible and inexpensive, society expects men to be well dressed at all times.

*Banner Credits: Coat, Shirt, Pants: Ted Baker Shoes: Tretorn Watch: MSTR Bracelet: Cartier