He’s a somewhat ordinary guy, who does very extraordinary things. Marc Fitt is one of the top fitness models in the world. With a multimillion-fan viewership on YouTube, he has become a hallmark of inspiration for beginners and Gymaholics alike.

Humble, friendly, and all about self-improvement, Marc Fitt created Team Fitt to help unlock the potential your body can achieve. Through sharing his strong mindset, he has inspired many to take control of their abilities and create a new way to eat in order to achieve their personal goals.

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There’s more to the brand Marc Fitt, than “Marc Fitt”; more than the YouTube videos, and more than the muscles and gains. Here’s Marc Fitt’s story from his humble beginnings, his inspirations, and his motives for himself and for the rest of the world.

Behind the body mass, the Internet fitness sensation, and personal trainer, who exactly was Marc Fitt before becoming “Marc Fitt”?
Marc Fitt was a fairly typical Canadian from Quebec before becoming “Marc Fitt”. I grew up playing hockey, and had plans to finish post-secondary school and go on to work a career, which I thought would make me happy. I actually ended up graduating from the police academy, which I don’t regret for a second. I’ve learned many valuable things there, but I wouldn’t trade my life now for anything.

Growing up, did you have any sports or other activities that you were engaged in?
Hockey, hockey, hockey. I played the sport for my entire life. I was practically raised on the ice. I didn’t really stop playing until I was around 19 or 20.

What was the turning point in your life that told you that you needed to dedicate yourself toward getting fit?
I started resistance training in order to increase my performance in hockey, but I ended up falling love with it. Resistance training, for me, brought me so much more satisfaction and a challenge on completely different levels than hockey ever did. I ultimately switched my focus. Also, I’ve always looked up to anybody who dedicates themselves to their ideals and dreams — the late Greg Plitt, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Eric Thomas, etc.

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We know that working out is about what you eat and your work ethic in the gym, but what do you do/have done to mentally prepare yourself before your workout sessions?
I’m a ritualistic kind of guy, so I always have the same routine I partake in before getting ready for the gym. I eat the same pre-workout meal every day, and after I’m done I spend a good hour or so watching motivational videos, listening to music and speeches that get me mentally prepared, and writing out my plan for what I’ll do in the gym, if I haven’t already. To me, the way you approach your workout is everything, so if you’re not in the zone when you enter the gym, you workout will suffer.

Everyone has personal routines for working out and eating right, and those who wish to get in shape seek attention from personal trainers. What makes your workouts so different from other people that make your clients want to go to you?
I think that, to a certain extent, I’m able to inspire people with my work ethic and the high standards that I have. People can see how seriously I take myself and fitness, and they know that my routines are designed to get you somewhere.

Why did you feel like you should help people become fit, and live a healthier life for themselves?
Fitness changed my life, and I realized that it could do the same for others. Besides the obvious overall health benefits that come with it, I use fitness as a vehicle to help inspire. There are so many parallels between the gym and life — the hours that go into working out, the discipline it takes to follow your diet, the responsibility of living this lifestyle, everything. By putting the work in, you can achieve the body you want. The same goes for life, and I’m living proof of that.

What’s one of the most rewarding experiences you’ve had with one of your clients in regards to their story, and who they’ve become today?
There have been so many rewarding experiences, but if I had to choose I would say the clients who I’ve helped get passed suicidal thoughts have been the ones that impacted me the most. The feeling of being someone who’s saved the life of another is one that goes beyond all words — there’s nothing like it, and I feel incredibly thankful to have been a part of these individuals’ lives.

If you have to be a superhero who would you be and why?
I’d have to say Arrow. I always feel like the underdog, and I believe in myself regardless of what happens. I like that he’s still a human, and let’s be honest, has some wicked skills!

We all know that 80% of working out is eating right; dieting, watching your carbs, etc. What are some dieting tips that you would recommend for the busy lifestyle of a Ferrvor Man?
Don’t buy into any fad diets. Keep things simple, and stick to your plan. People tend to overcomplicate the food aspect of the fitness world, and they don’t have to.

What advice would you have for the Ferrvor Man who wants to build their respective ideal body?
Focus on your mindset — why are you doing what you’re doing? Keep yourself motivated all day, every day, and never give up.

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What’s next up for Marc Fitt?
I’m really interested in branching out my areas of expertise. I’ve been doing more and more modeling outside of the fitness niche, and I’d like to see where else I could go with that. It’s more than just taking pictures for me. I enjoy seeing what kind of emotions and feelings I can stir up within people with specific photos.

What legacy do you want to leave?
I want to always be remembered as someone who inspired millions and millions of people to change their life for the better.

For more on Marc Fitt visit: www.marcfitt.com

Story By: Nico Triunfante
Images By: Marc Fitt Team