Winter weather got you in a bind? SWIMS founder, Johan Ringdal brings back the classic, overshoes look. Through his vision and inspiration, he has created a stylish and unique footwear look that will keep you’re feet dry and looking ever-so stylish.


Everyone has their own ambitions, dreams and inspirations. For Johan, his grandfather’s galoshes led the way. Fashion, functionality, high-quality, waterproof, lightweight materials make this standout footwear brand a must add to your collection. Ferrvor sat down with the founder of SWIMS, as he let us know in his words what sets the brand apart from the rest.

How did SWIMS get in business?

I was a student attending Parson’s in New York when I came up with the idea of re-designing the overshoe. I was wearing my grandfather’s old galoshes, and wanted to make this very practical item modern again. So after graduating, the first SWIMS product was born: the SWIMS Classic overshoe.

What was the best advice you ever got before going into business?

Coming from an entrepreneurial family, I have learned first-hand that patience, believing in your ideas, and hard work are the keys to success.

What’s the process like choosing the perfect rubber for the modern galosh?

It has been highly important for us that we work with high-quality, natural rubber. It is a biodegradable product, is maleable and great to work with!

What’s an ideal outfit pairing with SWIMS in the city?

An ideal outfit paired with our classic galoshes is a nice Italian suit, the perfect pair of leather shoes, a smart SWIMS business rain-coat and possibly a pair of playful socks.

If SWIMS could be donned by anyone who would it be and why?

I think it would be James Bond, because he would appreciate the details in mixing high quality design with functionality.