A small house in Nashville Tennessee billeted a homemade studio built by songwriter/composer Keegan Dewitt. In this Nashville Tennessee studio a five piece band, Wild Cub made up of Dabney Morris (drummer/producer ), Jeremy Bullock (guitar/synths), Harry West (bass), and Eric Wilson (keys/synths) released their debut album, entitled Youth via Mom + Pop. Their contagious debut single “ Thunder Clatter” rounds out their infectious electro-pop and tropical rhythms reminiscent of MGMT and Passion Pit.

Since the initial release of Youth, Wild Cub has increased their touring and press including performances on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, Conan O’Brien, and performing at Rebecca Minkoff’s NYFW runway show. Wild Cub performed to a sold out crowd in January at the Bootleg Theater in Los Angeles and recently headlined at the El Rey Theater in Hollywood.

Ferrvor Magazine’s creative director, Kaleb Khu had the pleasure of attending the show and sat down to chat with the band’s front running man, Keegan Dewitt.

Ferrvor: How’s life on road so far?

Keegan Dewitt: It’s been a long ride, but really fulfilling. We’ve maybe spent a total of 4 or 5 weeks home this year, so it’s definitely been a lot of traveling. We learned really quickly that the songs we created were really only 50% of the experience. Meeting so many people over the last year has confirmed the suspicion we had when we made the record… people’s own interpretation (their history, their past relationships, their imaginations) fill out the remaining 50%. So much of the reason we started this band was because we thought it’d be more compelling to create music without our faces on it, filled with fragmentary moments, keeping things a bit more enigmatic. It’s really fulfilling to now travel and find out that people have responded to that. The music means a different thing to every single person. That’s made the traveling much easier.

F: We have to ask… New York, Chicago, or Los Angeles?

KD: That one is especially hard because we were just in each of those places and you realize how much you love each of them for such specific reasons. I lived in NY for 9 years and LA for a little while as well. Now, living in Nashville, we are in Chicago more than ever. The worst part about each of those cities is that every time you are there, you are scheming about how you could LIVE there. We have special memories in each. NY was our first sold out big show at one of my favorite venues (Bowery Ballroom). LA was one of our largest sold out headline shows (El Rey Theater) and Chicago has hosted us for two Lollapaloozas, the first of which was sort of our coming out party. I think if you had to choose one, you’d choose NY because you have to wake up everyday and DECIDE to live there. It’s not easy. I think that’s a healthy exercise wherever you live, but I think it’s why NY especially breeds special people.


F: Wild Cub and the album “Youth” seems to have lived many lives of it’s own – what are some standout moments that you can recall, from the moment to the album was created to the album tour?

KD: Catching the very last flight into NY, landing and riding into 30 Rock in the middle of a shut-down blizzard to film our TV Debut with an incredible human, Jimmy Fallon. We play, it’s stressful, anxious and in the end… magical. We all pile into a big car and drive our way back to the hotel. We turn a corner and it’s Times Square, totally abandoned and empty. The snow is pouring down and I’m sitting next to my 6 month old daughter and looking at her face as the lights of Time Square reflect down on them. That was a good one.

F: What’s next for Wild Cub?

KD: A UK tour, a fall tour in support of the incredible BLEACHERS and finally…. Christmas.

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Story By: Liz Piedra
Images By: Wild Cub