2014 has been a wonderful year of music, the year that won’t stop giving and giving. There has been endless amounts of music that have fascinated us and kept us excited for what was to come next. Here are some of our favorites artists of 2014.

These aren’t in any order as we dug all of them. Most are available on Spotify, but those that aren’t we will have links posted to them.

Porter Robinson – Worlds

In any other year, we think this could’ve been the top electronic album of the year. But with the number of great electronic albums, we can’t quite decide on the winner, all we can say is this one is up for discussion. His production is top-notch, really something unique on this album, especially when he was making heavy trap EDM not too long ago. “Flicker” is a perfect example of the album as a whole. The song, and album, is broken up into chapters, developing further and further the longer you listen. We were hooked on this album when he started releasing singles early and will definitely be listening to this well past 2014.

Raury – Indigo Child

Raury is an 18 year old from Atlanta, GA who just took the world by storm. He’s worked with The Neighborhood and SBTRKT, as well as his releasing debut project Indigo Child, which is almost a folk and hip-hop combo. His lead single, “God’s Whisper” actually grabbed the attention of Kanye West and he flew out to meet Raury after seeing the music video.

D/C – Epiphany

His standout track “Devil on my Shoulder” opens up his Epiphany EP, and the timbre of his vocals gives us chills. Then as the song unravels, he begins to play with more intricate drums, which allows for his voice to harmonize on top of itself. This was a special song for us when we first heard it, and the rest of the EP is just as great, which features another of our favorites “Waiting For You.”

Sway Clarke II – “Secret Garden”

When we first heard Sway Clarke II we were blown away. He reminds us of a combination of Miguel and Frank Ocean, with his production showing similarities to Kanye West.

How to Dress Well – “What Is This Heart?”

Tom Krell released this album in October and it’s an instant classic. It’s as if the instrumentation of the 70s meets the production of the 2010s, with one of a kind songwriting. One of our favorite songs on the album, “Words I Don’t Remember,” has the vocals in charge of the song. “Let U Know” is one of the most beautiful songs we’ve heard in 2014. You can hear it in his voice. The vulnerability and honesty is right there, and he isn’t afraid to show it.

Aphex Twin – Syro

We were lucky and got a chance to go to the listening party of the album earlier this year, and it was a once in a lifetime moment. Aphex Twin stepped away from music for a while and this was his first album since 2001. The event was at a small bar, dimly lit, and on stage was a screen only projecting the album cover to Syro. 8:00 hits and the album begins. Much like Porter Robinson’s Worlds, the album was broken into chapters, and took us through an adventure. One of our favorite songs of the year was “aisatsana” which is the outro of the album. So simple, yet so beautiful, just a bird chirping in the distance as a piano is played gracefully, soothing the journey that Syro was.