Jon Buscemi combines luxury, culture and travel with his 100mm sneakers, catching the attention of sneaker and fashion aficionados alike.

Buscemi 6

Constructed with the finest Italian leather, this sleek model is designed for superb style and comfort, coming in a variation of colors including black, white, avorio, blue, and orange, among other great color ways.

Buscemi 3

Each shoe includes a design lock that compliments the color of each 100mm. A silver colored lock matches perfectly with the blue model, while a gold lock compliments both the black and white. For the comfort minded, they’re equipped with geometric flaps at the collar along with a Vachetta calfskin liner and a padded tongue, keeping your feet happy throughout the day or night.

Buscemi 10

For those who like a little bit of pazazz or flair in their style, you’d likely find the Buscemi 100MM in black or red Italian suede with complimentary crocodile pattern appealing. And if you prefer a more ostentatious look, you can find the shiny 100MM in silver, gold, and rose gold.

Make sure you grab your Buscemi 100MM soon, because last time we checked, these were flying off the shelves. Don’t miss out!