When you think of a classic tennis shoe, the first thing that likely left its footprint in your head is the Adidas Stan Smith.

stan smith1

Since its debut in the 1960s, the Adidas Stan Smith Shoes have become a trend beyond the tennis court. It’s largely become the brands trademark shoe as one of the most purchased shoes in the world. It’s the shoe that you’ll find on anyone that appreciates dressing casually with a whisp of classiness below the knees.

Here are some worthy limited edition pairs that will set you back about $80, if they’re not already sold out.

camo 1

Here’s the Stan Smith “Camo”. This shoe marks one of the few Stan Smith’s in history to have a graphic design on the outer layers. It may not seem like a huge deal when it comes to creativity in terms of camouflage being popular, but the fact that Stan Smith does not usually have graphic designs furthermore shows how much more room the tennis shoe hasn’t even covered and still continues to sell out.

pharrStan Smith is also known to make collaborations with iconic figures of the era. Check out these Pharrell Williams Original Stan Smith polka dot renditions. Nothing short of an eye-catching pair of sneaks that is a must-have to any shoe collection.

midsummerHitting the stores this June is the fan obsessed Stan Smith Mid-Summer Metallic Pack. These are instantly becoming a sought after collector’s shoe that will keep you whimsically ahead of your friends shoe collection. Choose between silver or gold toe.

stan smith cartoon

It may not look too different from the original, but if you look closely you’ll see “Stan Smith.” Yes, that Stan Smith from American Dad. True sneaker fans know that every little detail counts, and something as simple as having the face of Stan Smith on the tongue and the insole goes deep into the history books for Adidas. These X Adidas Original Stan Smith’s are priced at $140.


For all you lovers of the ‘The Force’s Dark Side, this multi-colored Star Wars x Stan Smith 80’s Imperial Guards sneaker goes for up to $900 on eBay. We would bet the force to get your hands, or feet on these is strong with these bad boys.

Even with the popularity of the Kanye West Yeezys, the classic Adidas Stan Smith cannot be matched. So when you think about the history, continued creativity and endless possibilities that the Stan Smith has to offer, just remember you’re also walking with a timeless piece of history.

Story By: Nico Triunfante
Images By: Adidas