Fashion and cinema have always gone hand in hand. Fashion often compliments a storyline and sets the ambiance of a film. Incredible films have made history with the help of amazing designers and a collection of stunning garments, creating a perfect mix of beauty and iconography. It’s one of the key pieces in creating a great visual experience in cinema. Whether we’re traveling into the future, or taking a look inside the mind of a killer, here are the Ferrvor picks for the top five fashionable films.

5. Zoolander
This comedy follows two male models in the midst of an assassination on the prime minister of Malaysia. The film, directed and starring Ben Stiller, became an instant classic. We follow the stereotypical life of the loveable air-headed model, Derek Zoolander, and his daily struggles. We are given a behind the scenes look into their not-so-realistic world of fashion. It’s a mix of stereotypes and an incredible blend of cameos.

4. The Fifth Element
Set in the not so near future, a cab driver (played by Bruce Willis) helps save the world by searching for four, special stones to save the world before an impeding attack on earth ensues. More often than not, futuristic movies tend to focus on story line and set design, but film director, Luc Besson, enlisted the help of famous designer Jean Paul Gaultier. Gaultier designed over a thousand costumes for the movie and assisted on set with any large shots involving large visuals with the costumes, and overall created nothing short of a cult classic.

3. Crazy, Stupid, Love
After a middle-age, family man, Cal, (Steve Carell) and his wife are set for divorce, he recruits the help of a handsome gigolo named Jacob. Jacob (Ryan Gosling), shows Cal how he can become a better man and win the heart of any woman with the help of great fashion, a little enthusiasm and confidence.

2. American Psycho
Meet Patrick Bateman, a New York business man with an appetite to kill and an even more killer sense of style. Based on the novel by Bret Easton Ellis, Bateman (Christian Bale), has a constant need to kill on a whim. Although his psychopathic tendencies make him the man that he is, Bateman is a man who hides behind an almost perfect facade of personal care and impeccable suits.

1. A Single Man
The directorial debut of fashion designer, Tom Ford, was nothing short of unbelievable. Based on the book by the same name, it follows a gay British professor living in California in the early 60’s. As you would expect from Ford, men’s fashion was at the forefront of the film . His inspiration for the film came from 60’s mod and so there is a simplicity that keeps it modern and timeless, creating the perfect blend of fashion and film.

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