Being that Ferrvor’s headquarters is located in beautiful, sunny, Los Angeles, our crew decided to share some Ferrvor Fitness spots to help you sculpt, transform, and acquire a fit, strong and heathy body just in time for summer. And regardless if you’re in California or not, it doesn’t mean that you can’t shape a “California” body in any other place in the world with similar gyms and trainers in your area. In fact some of these gyms have multiple locations outside of California.

Here’s a few of the greatest Southern California gyms with the masters of their craft to prepare you for the upcoming sunshine.

Unbreakable 1

Unbreakable Performance

Owned by NFL’s Insider, Jay Glazer, Unbreakable Performance is, well, self-explanatory. What’s unique about this particular gym is the fact that you are trained like an MMA fighter or an NFL player, making you one step closer to a cross-skillset between Anderson Silva and Patrick Willis. With solid, fairly new equipment, top of the line weights, recovery chambers, and a football turf, Unbreakable Performance can easily become your home for motivation, strength and personal gains. Personal trainers are offered and are willing to start your process from the ground up, or if you’re looking to improve what you already have.


Reebok Crossfit Lab

CrossFit is brought to us on a whole new level with trainers like Ron Matthews, Zach Mayer, and Yumi Lee. Not to mention she has trained individuals like Brad Pitt and Orlando Bloom. Did you know red is the color for hunger? Red walls in the gyms interior make sure you stay hungry for the gains. Of course, you’ll find CrossFit essentials; Olympic rings, kettle bells, in addition to a series of classes that enhance your flexibility, burn calories, and put you through the foundations of CrossFit.


Elite MMA Gym

With the name Elite MMA Gym expect to find only ‘ lite’ equipment. The fighting cage is where you can test your skills and your mental fitness. Floor mats are there for safety, but with state of the art punching bags, a room for lifting, and with individuals who are just as motivated as you are, you’ll find reasons to become stronger, quicker, faster and a different athlete from when you first walked in.Come train with Bas Rutten. Acquire a massive array of fighting styles to your repertoire including Brazillian Jiu Jitsu, Judo, Kickboxing, Wrestling, Muay Thai and other forms blended into one discipline.

David Barton GYM

David Barton Gym

As you walk in you’ll find an elegance, and find that you’ll be lifting in luxury. The gym comes with the latest machines, free weights, and an ambiance of feel good music from exclusive DJ’s that’ll make it irresistible to go home. Oh, and there’s plenty of couches. An introduction to Vinyasa Yoga, enhancing your abilities in overall fitness, cross training, and an experience that is noteworthy for you Ferrvor dudes. Heavy lifting isn’t always the key.

UnplugMeditation 1

Unplug Meditation

Don’t be fooled if you’ve never tried, but meditation is a form of working out. Unplug Meditation will guide you to channeling your powerful inner self with their various 30-45 minute exercises. You’ll find yourself in a state of Nirvana, surrounded by white walls and motivational quotes to get you through your day with peace and tranquility. Just remember that working out your mind is just as important as working out your body. Breathe, stretch, shake, and let it go.

Summer is on it’s way gents, let’s be sure you look as good as you can.

Supplemental Images via Unbreakable Performance Center, Reebok Crossfit Lab, Elite MMA Gym, David Barton Gym, Unplug Meditation