Cool Gadgets and Gear: Just because you’re not a kid anymore, doesn’t mean your holiday wish list needs to say “I’m an adult” We all like cool and unique stuff, whatever captures our attention and interest. So for the kid in us all, here’s to treating yourself right with some cool gadgets and gear.

Story By: Amanda Del Mar
Images By: Raw Studio, Bonhams, Florian Renner, Uncommon Goods

Raw Studio Chess Set
Raw Studio Chess Set
The chess set from Raw Studio is high quality-made from heat treated, hand polished, stainless steel, suede and leather. Looking more like an artifact from a time of knights and castles, this cool game set is a real winner for a holiday gift.

Lucky Strike Spy CameraLucky Strike Spy Camera
Designed for military use for the U.S. Signal Corps around 1950, the Lucky Strike Spy Camera can now be yours. Live out your spy dreams and put it to use, or have this collectors item in your possession.

USB TypewriterUSB Typewriter
You’ve already got the iPad, the iPad Mini, iPad Air, and the iPad Pro, plus all the accessories to go with it. But here’s one you probably haven’t even heard of. The USB Typewriter takes your basic add-on keyboard and blows it out the water, with this classic, USB Typewriter.

Klaus Bosch Aurora Borealis Sand Art
Rotate this interactive art piece, and see the different colors and water form unique designs and pictures each time. Perfect for the the art enthusiast!

Game Boy
Honorable Mention: Game Boy 1Up
Although still a concept model, the Game Boy 1Up gives classic video game fanatics not only a nostalgic experience, but a modern day opportunity to enjoy the personal handheld console by making games and functions compatible with today’s gaming requirements.