The Ferrvor man loves a good bachelor pad and our home base in Los Angeles has a plethora of them, but whether you live in Los Angeles, NYC, San Francisco, or some other destination, a bachelor pad should be all about you; your taste, your style, your passion.

Ferrvor Magazine Bachelor Pad 6

Once you pick out your pad, your first task is to commit to finding a great piece of furniture to showcase your main room, most likely this will be a big comfortable couch or a couple of chairs and a table.  Everything else should follow around this central piece. The flat-screen, mini-bar and some art pieces. Remember, less is more, to keep things uncluttered. This is home base, so you want it to be relaxed and inspiring, but also a great space to have friends over for a cocktail party, so be sure to include what you think you’ll be using. And don’t be afraid to buy things that express who you are. Too often, men fill their homes with a bunch of stuff that has no real relevance or meaning to them and frankly don’t need, which has been proven to lower productivity.

Ferrvor Magazine Bachelor Pad2

Heading to the bedroom, where you will spend a great deal of time, you obviously will want your bed to be big enough for yourself and your partner and comfortable enough to get a great nights sleep, so pick up a great set of high thread count, preferably Egyptian cotton sheets and a comforter, along with several pillows and make this your domain.

Here is a great bachelor pad, to enlighten and inspire your senses, located in Hollywood Hills, CA