MEMBERS ONLY. And no, we aren’t talking about those iconic jackets from the 1980s. Ferrvor Man is many things; He is sophisticated, fashionable, confident, intelligent. Ferrvor Man is the modern day Renaissance man, and so it is only natural that such men be surrounded by like-minded individuals. Those who don’t just gather at their local bar, but instead come together to connect, swap stories, talk sports, business and sex life at some of Los Angeles exclusive members only clubs. Everyone from actors, designers, businessmen and politicians can be found there. Are you there?

Soho House

SoHo House Post

The Soho house was founded almost 20 years ago by British entrepreneur, Nick Jones, in London, England. Exclusively opened for the “creative soul,” the majority of members come from film, media, fashion and art industries. Members have access to a private screening room, roof garden, club bar and fine dining, among other top notch amenities. Now with 12 houses, including Berlin, Toronto, New York and Hollywood, SoHo House boasts a worldwide membership powerhouse.

The California Club

CA Club Post

Respectfully noted as one of the finest clubs in the world, The California Club was established in 1887 in building renowned architect Robert Farquhar. Located in the heart of beautiful Downtown Los Angeles, the historic venue stays true to their classical ambiance with gorgeous antiques, handcrafted furniture and imported fabrics gracing every inch. Known for it’s fine dining, Members come from all walks of life, including journalists, real estate developers and politicians.

The Magic Castle

Magic Castle 2

The ancient art of magic has been practiced for thousands of years and The Magic Castle is the perfect club that preserves that tradition. Opening it’s doors in 1927, this club is home to the Academy of Magical Arts and is famous for breeding the next up-and-coming magicians among others.  The castle is dressed from head to toe in classic, Victorian-style. Castle highlights include: The Palace of Mystery, the Haunted Wine Cellar, including the Inner Circle which is exclusive only to members. A “Houdini Seance” is a unique, private experience where you are served a full-course meal by a private chef, served beverages by your own butler, while summoning the spirits with a medium. How’s that for a members only experience!

Jonathan Club

Jonathan Club Post

Initially established to host political events, rallies and gatherings, the club transformed itself into a social club in 1895. Known as one of the most prominent clubs in the country, Jonathan club offers members two clubs: Town Club, which offers classic European decor and a speechless view of Downtown LA, and Beach Club, a private section along the shores of the Pacific Ocean. Members have full access to gym facilities, spa and wellness services, fine dining, entertainment and of course social events.

41 Ocean

41 Ocean Post 2

A “true California Club,” 41 Ocean is designed to celebrate California lifestyle and heritage, where members can experience a flashback into the golden era of Old Hollywood. A private courtyard area with fireplaces and canopies allow a peaceful, relaxing experience anytime of the year with live performances from DJs and even some members occasionally providing nightly entertainment.

Supplementary Images: SoHo House, The California Club, Star Foreman, Jonathan Club, 41 Ocean