Gents, It’s Dec and now time to shave your Mo if you haven’t already and or, if you haven’t grown accustom to wearing it.

As they say there’s an art to everything and shaving’s no different. At Ferrvor we’re all about a good clean shave and so today we have some tips to help make shaving that Mo a little easier.

Starting with the razor and shaving cream. If possible use a double edged razor as this type of shaving reduces razor bumps and burns.

Product subpliment

Aesop Parsley Seed Facial Cleanser
Baxter of California Safety Razor Set
Baxter of California Super Close Shave Formula
Tom Ford Noir After Shave Balm

Before you shave, apply a hot towel or hot shower to get some steam on your face, which will make shaving your beard a bit easier.

Next, it’s may seam obvious, but it’s important, check the direction your face hair is grown and be sure you shaving in that direction. Shaving in the direction of the grain will minimize razor burn.

Getting started, use a face brush to evenly apply face cream. Let cream sit for :30

If you’re using a classic razor it’s likely a little heavier and so just let it glide across your face. Use short straight strokes. Don’t force it or apply to much pressure. Let it glide fella’s.

When done, splash a little cold water and a small amount of after shave balm and you’ll be good to go.

Enjoy your day. Repeat in the AM.

Hope that was helpful, Here’s a nifty video to show what we just laid out.

Supplementary Images via: Aesop,  Baxter of California, Tom Ford