This year, Ferrvor showcased some great looking suit looks on some great looking celebs. Here’s a quick look back at some of our favorites from our Ferrvor Men of 2016.

Story By: Amanda Del Mar
Images By: Ferrvor Magazine, Kaleb Khu

Ferrvor Magazine Jonathon Schaech Ferrvor Magazine || “The Classic Acts of Johnathon Schaech”

Ferrvor Magazine Jesse MetcalfeFerrvor Magazine || “A Driven Man, Jesse Metcalfe”

Climbing to the top, it’s Jesse Metcalfe in this suit by Theory

Ferrvor Magazine Matt Barnes

Ferrvor Magazine || “Taking off with Matt Barnes”

Who doesn’t love a grey suit. Formal and classy, just like our Ferrvor Man and NBA star Matt Barnes.

Ferrvor Magazine Gregg SulkinFerrvor Magazine || “The Millennial Man, Gregg Sulkin”

Rocking the Indiana Jones look in this classic Louis Vuitton and leather jacket worn by Gregg Sulkin

Ferrvor Magazine Derek HoughFerrvor Magazine || “In the Rhythm of Derek Hough”

Prints and color. A nice change from the standard look of black and grey suits, but still lets others get a little taste of your personality as shown here with DWTS Derek Hough.

Ferrvor Magazine Michael MalarkeyFerrvor Magazine || “A Hollywood Escapade with Michael Malarkey”

For those looking to really push boundaries, take a note from Michael Malarkey with this yellow suit.

Ferrvor Magazine John TerzianFerrvor Magazine || “Man About Town, John Terzian”

Black. Traditional. The John Terzian go-to suit option for all.

Ferrvor Magazine Greg DavalosFerrvor Magazine || “Down the Line with Gregory Davalos”

Ferrvor Magazine Rick CosnettFerrvor Magazine || “One Fine Day with Rick Cosnett”

Rick Cosnett in dark blue tones keep this look warm and gives off a laid-back or formal look. Some may even call it a color of authority, but either way, this color shows that you own your style.

Casual Suit Looks
If you’re not feeling the whole suit look and what to change it up a bit for a more casual look, take some pointers here from our Ferrvor Men, Jesse Metcalfe, Matt McGorry and Johnathon Schaech. Mix and match with a pair of slacks or jeans of your choice, a denim collared shirt, and top it off with your favorite blazer or bomber jacket.