Ferrvor Man is always looking for the newest, cutting-edge products on the market whether you’re on land, air or sea. We’ve seen many innovations in cars lately focusing on aerodynamics and technology to increase efficiency. Car companies like Mercedes-Benz and Rolls Royce and other yacht aficionados are taking these concepts and applying them to the water. Here are a couple of concept yachts that are making breakthroughs in the boating world.


The Arya Concept Yacht, designed by Marco Schembri and was built with aerodynamics in mind aiming to minimize the impact at an optimum level.

Rolls Royce 450EX Yacht Concept

This Rolls-Royce 450EX concept was designed by intern, Stefan Monro. This 45-foot vessel pays close attention to detail and embodies the Rolls-Royce brand exceptionally well.

Silver Arrows Marine Arrow 460 - Granturismo

The Arrow 460 Granturismo by Mercedes-Benz is built to be efficient and visually appealing, capturing the overall look of their automobiles. This 46-ft yacht features sleek lines and an interior that comfortable and classic.

Code-X AG Yacht

Code-X AG and Silicon-Fire AG bring technology and speed to a new level with the new Generation of Code-X Yacht. This yacht features solar technology and Formula 1 engines so it is not only efficient, but also fast.

Nimue 490 Day Cruiser

The Nimue 490 designed by Timon Sager features a tadpole-like design and not only does it look like an amphibian, but it functions like one too. The 49-foot motorboat have a nose and the tail that curve with the water to help it turn at high speeds.

Before you know it, these amazing sea machines won’t just be known as yachts of the future. Something to look forward to when you’re cruising the ocean under the warm sun, as you sip champagne in comfort,  luxury and style.

Supplementary Images by: Marco Schembri, Rolls Royce, Mercedes-Benz, Code-X AG, Tim Sager