Gents, It’s Thanksgiving. This means it’s time to put down the technology, act interested in what’s going on around you, chat with the family and or friends, eat, drink, be happy and know how to look like you know how to handle yourself. Thanksgiving or any holiday for that matter can be a little stressful, so hopefully our Ferrvor guide will make it easier to navigate.

To start…Let’s be thankful for the people in our lives, whatever that looks like for you, we wouldn’t be here without them. That’s always a good thing.

Prior to Arrival: Even if your ‘family’ are you friends, we are all lucky to have them. That being said, it is important to be at your best and so dressing for the occasion is step 1 and of course bringing the host a gift is a nice gesture and Ferrvor recommended.

Also it might be a good time to bring someone that won’t be able to be with their family like a good friend, or companion.

As for our Football fans, they’re are plenty of games to keep you occupied. The Bears and Lions 12:30 am, Eagles and Cowboys 4:30pm, Seahawks and 49ers 8:30 p.m

And if you need to play DJ, the music should preferably be somewhat chill and relaxing. That doesn’t mean elevator music, but something nonabrasive . There’s plenty of good tunes out there, from Moby to Bluegrass. As a suggestion, throw on some old school, Nat King Cole, Ella Fitzgerald, Sinatra or Louis Armstrong to get everyone in the mood to unwind and  in the spirit or jump over to our playlist on Ferrvor.

What to say? If you’re unsure, just remember people love to talk about themselves so become a listener and ask them about their life and or if its someone in your family making conversation, talk to them about something that you think might be interesting to them or that you haven’t talked to them about since your last holiday.

Always be prepared to be a good listener, because people will have stories to tell. A few good memories of a certain family member, even if they might be embarrassing, are always good icebreakers when the table falls silent. Since the person telling the story is probably close to the person who is the subject of the story, it wouldn’t be awkward, even if a little embarrassing, and everyone will get a kick out of it.

After Dinner, kick back, relax and watch the game for a bit. Since the host just made this momentous meal for everyone, they are probably going to be a little tired (especially with all that tryptophan running through their veins, so do one more good deed and offer to help them clean up. This way you can also have first dibs on the leftovers!

Hope that helped ease any anxiety’s around Thanksgiving.