Ferrvor Men are the epitome of great style. They exude pure confidence in every aspect of their lives. Ferrvor’s way to style is simple: great style makes a man radiate bold tenacity and poise.

Story By: Tony Madrid
Images By: Ferrvor Staff

Style is the essence of a man, it can change his demeanor and the way he is regarded. Our Ferrvor Man Michael Malarkey is an excellent example of a man with classic style. He presents himself with the confidence of a Ferrvor Man. Simple and classic style dress Michael in an effortless way.

mike 2

Here is an ideal illustration of how to dress for the season. Those sunny Los Angeles days can leave you in a delicate situation. Try a light blazer and matching trousers paired with a simple cotton tee. Don’t be afraid to try bold colors. Go with a monochromatic suit and simple accessories like sunglasses and a silver ring.

The definition of a man is simple and personal. The same applies to your style. So go forth and conquer!

mike 1