It’s that time of the year to celebrate the country’s biggest holiday. The Fourth of July is a time to show off your patriotic style, shoot up an array of fireworks into the sky, and of course host a backyard bonanza. Here’s a few essentials the Ferrvor team compiled for your holiday shindig.

Floating Beer Pong Table
What’s the best icebreaker to get your guests involved than some adult beverages and games? And what brings out the competitor in people other than a nice game of beer pong?A refreshing and cooling addition to your backyard bash.

Fugoo XL 
What’s a party without music?  We found a super cool speaker for you to enjoy your tunes. The Fugoo XL is a Bluetooth linkable system that is pretty much nature proof, waterproof and everything in between, and is even said to play music underwater. Throw on some  Chainsmokers or your favorite music and you’ll be good to go.

Homping Grill 
The beer and music are good to go, so now you’re probably going to want the juiciest steak to satisfy your appetite, and you don’t want to be flipping steaks or burgers the entire time. The Homping Grill allows you to enjoy the party and the food without the hassle of guarding the grill all day.

abd tech projector

Mini LED Projector 
Once the chaos is done, the liquor is emptied from all the bottles, and the food has been completely demolished, just imagine sitting down under the stars as you enjoy this mini LED Projector from AbdTech.

Double Decker Couch
This cool double decker couch is something that you must highly consider. Yes, this Lego Movie-based idea has actually come to life. We must say, it looks lavish to have something transform from digital to reality.

Happy 4th Ferrvor Man!

Story By: Nico Triunfante
Media By: Floating Pong, FUGOO, Homping, Pottery Barn, AWE me