Ever wonder what it would be like to live underwater? Take a look at this, unique architectural structure, that’s making some big waves on land and water. The Floating Seahorse is an aquatic villa. One that you’ve only imagined in your head. This one of a kind gem was designed, engineered and developed in Dubai by very creative architects for the Kleindienst Group. This massive, floating living space has captured the interest of individuals in every corner of the globe. The good news is that you’re free to take The Floating Seahorse where you want. It can be designed and fabricated for pretty much any resort and water destinations. According to Josef Kleindienst, CEO of Kleindienst Group, “We are confident that it will set a new benchmark in the luxury lifestyle market worldwide for outstanding innovation, contemporary design and underwater living at its best.”

seahores three levels

The Floating Seahorse, has no propulsion, meaning that it is stationary. Think of it as pitching a tent in the middle of the blue waters. With three levels (underwater, sea level and an upper deck) of aquatic living space and entertainment.

Seahorse under level

You might have your own saltwater fish tank in your home, or traveled to some of the world’s greatest aquariums, but this experience takes the cake. The underwater level holds the master bedroom and bathroom, giving you crystal-clear, coral reef and marine life views directly from your living quarters.

seahorse mid level

The sea level floor comes with floor to ceiling windows, full kitchen and dining area, open living room and oceanside deck. The amount of natural lighting and the fresh scent of the ocean air was designed for you to experience the environment, au naturale.

seahorse upper level

The upper deck offers a great vista, where you can enjoying open-air dining and is perfect area for the boat to host a get together. Complete with mini bar, kitchenette and a glass-bottomed jacuzzi, this deck definitely takes the rooftop party to another level.

The way you experience ocean life will never be the same once you sail the waters on this boat. Keep an eye out at the end of 2016 when The Floating Seahorse is slated for completion.

Story By: Amanda Del Mar
Images By: Kleindienst Group