floating city 2

Thanks to Architect, Jacques Rougerie’s imagination there is now a floating university called Meriens. The structure of the large vessel is inspired by the figure of a manta ray and will act as a research center for marine life.

Story By: Briana Dorton
Images By: Jacques Rougerie Architecture

floating city

Withmultiple levels and a total length of 900 meters and 500 meters wide width, Meriens will be able to accommodate 7000 people at a time where they can roam about the premises and enjoy the variety of facilities on board.Expect to see lecture halls, laboratories, living quarters, sport areas, and more. It will also house other sea vessels within the city.
floating city mariens

The City of Meriens is designed with sustainable technology to ensure zero waste. There will be aquaculture breeding farms within the lagoon and hydroponic greenhouses situated on the wings.
City of Meriens is expected to set sail in 2050.