Harley Streten, aka Flume, releases his latest remix of Sam Smith’s smooth tune, “Lay Me Down.”

Reigning from Sydney, Australia, Flume has caught the attention of the entire world, grabbing millions of listens on every remix and original track he’s released. The list of artists he’s gotten to work with is significant. Stalley, Chet Faker, George Maple, Freddie Gibbs, and Ghostface Killah. On top of his original work, Flume’s remixes and reworks have helped establish his fan base and has gained fans from the fan bases of Sam Smith, Disclosure, Chet Faker, Lorde, and Arcade Fire.

Harley tells us he has been in the studio for months working on new material. On top of this news, he recently produced the newest song by What So Not & George Maple, “Gemini.” Usually when it rains, it pours, and we expect it to be the same with Flume’s new material. His latest tunes should be hitting the web soon, and when it does, we expect nothing less than a masterpiece.

Until this happens however, feel free to get lost on his Soundcloud page featuring his entire catalogue of music.