For years we have heard of flying cars. They appear in sci-fi films and are synonymous with the future. It’s 2015, and we feel we’ve waited long enough for this vision to become a reality. Well getting behind the wheel of a soaring car like Harrison Ford in Blade Runner may be more realistic than you thought? Terrafugia is introducing the TF-X™ vehicle.

flying car supplemental

This flying car is designed to meet the needs of the everyday person and are capable of driving on roads and highways and of course, flying. They seat 4 passengers and are compact enough to fit into a single car garage. The safety of these types of vehicles has always come into question so Terrafugia is covering all of the bases. It will be capable of releasing an emergency parachute if the auto-landing fails, as well as be able to safely land in non-approved landing zones if needed.

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Although, this very vool high-tech vehicle may sound difficult to operate, Terrafugia has created a simple operating experience that any driver can learn within a few hours. The TF-X™ steers like a normal car and can be driven in both automatic and manual modes. It can be recharged either from within its engine or by tapping into electric car charging stations.
The expected price range for these revolutionary vehicles will start at the cost of a high-end luxury car and over time reduce in price as the needed light-weight materials become more economical. If you’d like to be one of the firsts to own a TF-X™ check out their website for more details.

Story By: Briana Dorton
Images By: Terrafugia