French Horn Rebellion is a Brooklyn based electronic duo, consisting of brothers Dave and Robert Perlick-Molinari who have recently released their new 2014 album, Next Jack Swing Pt. 1.

David, a computer sound engineer, and Robert, a former first chair french hornist, joined forces and have created a truly one of a kind sound. It almost reminds us of 80’s disco music but modernized with today’s electronic sounds. Each song on the new album is a little different than the last, which is a nice treat for the album. Each song has a funky disco vibe, with the vocals bringing us back to the present day. Have you heard any electronic music recently that features a french horn solo? Likely not. Well let’s change that. French Horn Rebellion has a truly unique sound.

They aren’t strangers to anyone in the music industry. They’re getting a lot of respect from the electronic music world as many DJs are remixing their music. The biggest so far being Autograf, who remixed their song “The Fire.”

Some of our favorites from the new album are: “You’re All Right (feat. St. Lucia),” “Swing Into It,” “Caaalifornia (feat. Ghost Beach),” and “Poster Girl (feat. Database).”

Listen to their new album and let us know which songs you’re loving.