Frigo RevolutionWear, is a line of high-tech undergarments for men, that is represented by some of the world’s biggest stars.

Derek Jeter, Curtis ’50 Cent’ Jackson, Carmelo Anthony, Timbaland, and founder of Tempur-Pedic came together to form the power-house team of Frigo, and are redesigning the undergarment industry for men.

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Mathias Ingvarsson, the former President and European Director of Tempur-Pedic brings us the revolutionary technology behind Frigo, which combines innovative design to create a radically different, superior product.

How it Works: Revolutionary design for ultimate comfort, moisture-control and support. The patented ‘Frigo Zone’ is combined of two parts: 1) netted pouch, which provides the necessary support and a specially designed cooling barrier; and 2) the soft lock adjustment system which adjusts on both ends for an individualized fit and customized positioning.

One of the standout features of the undergarment is the patented signature Frigo Zone, which provides an adjustable interior pouch, that prevents any sweating and chafing thanks to its microfiber construction. The pouch’s soft lock adjustment allows for customization by the man wearing the undergarments, truly unique to their tastes and their physique.

The pouch uses an ultra light nylon fabric with thermal cooling properties. To further improve thermal comfort in the crotch and thighs, a cool mesh fabric was chosen for these areas for the best possible fit.

The next feature that impressed was the construction of waistband used on the briefs. Rather just a standard elastic waistband on the briefs, Frigo uses a next generation waistband that features covered seams for a seamless feel. The lower back is one of the highest sweat areas on the body, so Frigo’s waistband features a Coolmax wicking fabric so little to no sweating will occur, and if there is any sweating, the wicking fabric will keep you cool and dry.


The Stay4Sure technology uses a silicon hem tape along the thighs to prevent hem ride up, by stabilizing the hem, and maintaining a comfortable position on the leg. For anyone that is active, this feature will noticeably be one of your favorites. Whether your working out, hiking, playing basketball, having a pair of briefs that wont ride up is a huge benefit. We noticed it to make anything active much comfier and cooler than briefs we’ve worn in the past.

Frigo by RevolutionWear isn’t only making undergarments but also T-Shirts as well. Engineered with three comfort fabrics, Eurojersey and cool mesh offer the upper body a more slim fit on a T-Shirt while allowing for ventilation all over.

Both the T-Shirts and boxer-briefs are available at Neiman Marcus, Lord & Taylor and from $25-$100.

Story By: Jay Campbell
Images By: Frigo